iFEMAG is an application software system for the electrical design of PM, Reluctance and SM machines. It is managed by a graphical user interface, uses a relational database and bundles a number of calculation programs including FEMAG, a finite-element calculation program for electro-magnetic fields.


The system can easily be adapted to different environments as all interfaces (user interface, calculation programs, database) are fully configurable by a simple scripting language. This configuration script is interpreted by Intens on startup.

Intens based applications can be run as desktop applications on MS-Windows and Linux sytems or as a collection of docker containers in a cloud infrastructure with Kubernetes without code modifications. For desktop operation the user interface is based on Qt while the cloud version is based on HTML5 and Javascript (Vue.js).

The iFEMAG cloud system consists of following services implemented as docker containers:


  • web Authentication, Session Handling, Browser Communication (via HTTPS, Websockets), View Creation
  • db Users, Components and Projects Repository with Approval and Configuration Management
  • intens Session Manager with Data Pool, Process Control, UI-Layout
  • api-gateway Calculation Programs Invocation
  • femag FE-Model Creation, Field Calculation